All of our pizza’s are done Do North Style with toppings piled high.  Our dough is made fresh in house daily along with our famous Red Sauce and Italian Sausage.  You can also choose our
mouthwatering Alfredo, BBQ, or Pink (a combination of our famous red and Alfredo) sauces.
All of our pizza’s are topped with our special blend of 3 cheeses.

Pizza Sizes
Medium – 12″ Pan, Feeds 2 Adults
Large – 14″ Pan, Feeds 3 to 4 Adults
X-Large – 16″ Pan, Feeds 4 to 5 Adults

Pizza Toppings
Sausage – Pepperoni – Beef – Breakfast Bacon – Salami – Canadian Bacon – Chicken – Anchovies – Green & Black Olives – Onions – Green Peppers – Mushrooms – Pineapple – Sauerkraut – Tomatoes – Pickles – Jalapenos – Extra Cheese – Extra Sauce

A hefty offering of pepperoni, tantalizing Italian Sausage, beef, salami.  Topped off with mushrooms, green and black olives, onions, bacon and green peppers.

Seasoned beef on a salsified sauce, baked to perfection, loaded with green and black olives and onions.  Covered with lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.  Served with sour cream and salsa.

Big Bubba
LIKE MEAT!  Huge portions of pepperoni, Canadian bacon, our tantalizing Italian sausage, salami, beef and breakfast bacon.  Request mushrooms or onions to make it perfect!

5-0 (Hawaiian)
A knockout tropical punch of pineapple and Canadian bacon with our 3 cheese blend.
Add some black olives just because you can.

Chicken Alfredo
Large chunks of all white chicken on our spectacular Alfredo sauce and topped with our 3 cheese blend.
A crowd favorite!

BBQ Chicken
Large chunks of all white chicken on tangy BBQ sauce with tomatoes and 3 cheese blend.

A mountain of mushrooms, green and black olives, onions and green peppers.  Request tomatoes for a masterpiece of a pizza.

Bacon Cheese Burger
A lavish land of beef, breakfast bacon, pickles and cheddar cheese.  Add onions and now you have paradise!

Kendall Combo
Invented by Jimmy himself this crazy mixture starts with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, thrown under our three cheese blend and then topped off with hamburger and breakfast style bacon.  It’s as crazy as its inventor!

Chicken Bacon Ranch
A spectacular combination of all white chicken and breakfast bacon on our ranch sauce.

Buffalo Chicken