15 Waterfront Dr, Two Harbors, MN 55616

History & Heritage

The original Do North Pizzeria began operations in the town of Two Harbors on January 1st, 2005 and has carried on a long tradition of pizza excellence that was passed down from the recipe’s originator Lloyd “Cudda” Johnson – Cudda’s Pizza, to Richard and Rita Svir – Dick’s Pizza, to us

All tolled, our pizza has been a North Shore favorite for well over 50 years. Do North Pizzeria Two Harbors prides itself on not being a “fast food” pizza place. We consider ourselves an old school, sawdust on the floor pizzeria. You won’t find mashed potatoes, seaweed ala something or “fru fru” pizzas on our menu. We take great pleasure in staying away from the flash and glamour of the fast food chains and just getting down to making pizza the way it should be made…..FRESH, SAUCY, MEATY, CHEESY, BIG and BOLD!

Do North is also excited to be a committed supporter to the people and communities of the greater Two Harbors area. Since it’s inception in 2005, Do North Two Harbors has donated to many local community activities and citizens in need. We hold our heads high to have been able to support the people who have always supported our pizza no matter what business name it has fallen under.

Finally our staff…..No words can really describe how much we love and appreciate them, they are very talented and long-standing with this organization. They are family to us and they will treat you the same way. Many of them (past and present) are on our wall and we give them all nicknames or “call-signs”.

On behalf of all of us, we hope you enjoy your visit and thanks for droppin in!